Our understanding of Nursing and Nursing Science

Professional nursing is an essential contribution to public health care and an indispensable part of the health care system. It aims to achieve the best possible treatment and care outcomes for the people being cared for at all stages of their lives.

In doing so, it also works interprofessionally with physicians and other health professionals. Professional nursing is a significant social driving force that must be constantly developed and further advanced.

Nursing science deals with issues of health care and nursing in theory and practice.
Nursing research provides scientifically proven knowledge used in health care and nursing. It is an essential basis for rationally validated and evidence-based nursing practice and nursing quality.

Purpose of the Foundation

The Nursing Science Foundation Switzerland promotes the systematic development of knowledge in nursing and its application in practical settings. Therefore, the Foundation supports the connection coherence of empirical knowledge, ethics, personal experience and intuition which altogether form the basis for the further development and improvement of outcomes in nursing.